Complete e-fulfillment and courier services in Romania and Europe in 1-2 business days.

Customized e-fulfillment solutions that help you get rid of storing, packaging, and delivering orders from your online store.
We automate the entire process so that you can save time to grow your business!

Get rid of the worry of managing orders through e-commerce e-fulfillment service!


Why choose Altexpress E-fulfillment services?

Integrare completa cu magazinul tau
Complete integration with your e-commerce store and couriers.
Servicii complete de e-fullfilment
We provide full e-fulfillment services, from online inventory management to shipping and automated returns.
Poti vedea situatia livrarilor online
You can see the status of your online store products at any time.
E-fullfilment personalizat
Choose personalized e-fulfillment and save time for growing your business.

Why Altexpress

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Why choose Altexpress E-fulfillment?

Beneficiați de o soluție cloud gratuită de automatizare

Transparență și flexibilitate

Răspuns rapid la solicitările tale

Soluții personalizate nevoilor tale

In the context of consumers’ appetite for online shopping, the automation of e-commerce logistics processes is no longer an option, but a necessity. Therefore, if you have faced:

You’ve come to the right place. We provide you with our experience of over 7 years in courier and e-fulfillment so that you can focus on developing your business!

How does e-fulfillment work for your store?

Serviciu online de e-fullfilment
The e-fulfillment service for e-commerce offers integration with your online store.
Ne ocupam noi de produsele tale
We receive your products, inventory them and store them in our e-fulfillment center.
Primim noi comenzile tale
We receive the orders of your online store, issue invoices and AWBs, prepare the parcels and deliver them to the agreed courier.
Primim retururile in depozitul nostru
We receive returns in our warehouse and restock the products. You can see the stock in real time.

The e-fulfillment service for e-commerce does not suit you?

Discover Altexpress courier and transport services!

Transport marfa

Business Courier

Freight transport

What our partners say?

Client Tia Mac

“Altexpress offers a very good courier and e-fulfillment service. Through dedicated staff, they have been able to develop a good Customer Service department, which translates into constant communication with the customer and satisfactory delivery services.”

Tia Mac, CEO Studio Tia

Client Vasil

“Altexpress has the full range of services we need. I also recommend Altexpress to anyone interested in running a successful online business.”

Vasil Ralchev, Founder Ina Essentials


“We wanted a fulfillment solution, but we discovered a strong team, willing to help you regardless of the situation you have, either when delivery situations arise or when we encounter problems in our programs. We highly recommend Altexpress!”

Iulia Bledea, Co-founder of Nutrifit-Up

We answer the most frequently asked questions about e-fulfillment

Every business has unique needs, that’s why we come to your aid with customized e-fulfillment solutions. We respect your work and always communicate transparently about e-fulfillment costs, but most importantly, we adapt them to your needs. This is the only way we can grow together.
You benefit from assistance and counseling related to e-fulfillment services right from the start. Therefore, we find the right solution for your online business together and adapt it as it develops. We are with you throughout our collaboration with personalized solutions and advice.
We offer you a personal consultant from our Customer Support team. So don’t worry, we’ll help you with everything you need from the beginning, but we’ll also be by your side throughout the growth of your business. We communicate constantly, we understand you, we support you, and we offer you recommendations that fit your needs.

When we pick up your online store’s products there are a few steps we follow to make sure we give you the best experience.

First, we check the shipping and delivery documents, then we visually check the integrity of the lot to make sure there is no shipping damage.

The next step is the quantitative reception, namely the verification of the identity and size of the lot.

We then assign each product a SKU and place it in our warehouse locations.

Finally, we register all goods received in management and resolve any disputes in the case of goods receipt.

Sure you do. We offer you customized e-fulfillment solutions, so whether you are delivering small products, large items or parcels that vary in size, we are here to find the right logistics solution together. Find out what you can’t send by courier here.